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Snow Leopard Project Proposal by Aurolux Corp.:

by Harold Stockton and Peter SteenOlsen

The Shockton Processor

Compared to traditional Waste to Energy systems,

the Shockton Processor should more aptly be referred to

Feedstock to Energy & Raw Materials.  The converted

heat energy that drives the steam turbines is a byproduct

from the creation of Sol-Gel, which occurs after feedstock

is vaporized and completely recovered as raw materials.

The heart of the system is a Pulsed Plasma Ignitor (PPI)

that creates a “shockwave” generated from extreme force.

        f=ma        force equals mass times acceleration

While seemingly complicated, the design uses very basic principals.

Principal One

The Shockton Ignitor operates on transistor amplification, much like a radio, multiplying the initial input of 110v to 1,100v, then to 11,000v, and finally to 110,000v, then directing that energy. The Ignitor is an expendable, one time use charge that is simply replaced prior to processing the next load of feedstock. 

Principal Two

The Shockton Ignitor generates 25,000,000 psi, or 2.5 - 3 Tera-Pascals. 

Principal Three

Latent Energy is released when matter changes states, just as energy is released from water when ice melts, or water becomes vapor.

Principal Four

The containment vessel recoups 100% of feedstock (98% as Sol-Gel and 2% ash), which can be centrifuged afterwards to recover specific elements as raw materials. 

Principal Five

The overall operation of the Shockton Process functions like an air conditioner.  This is why operators of the device will mainly be certified as Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC ) technicians. 

Aurolux and Snow Leopard Present: